el-Walad (Mohamad J. Hodeib) is a Brooklyn-based cultural activist & producer, born and raised in Beirut. I experiment with words, flow, sound, and performance. Rambling between sidewalks, coffeeshops, bars and stages since 2009. Featured in numerous forums and art platforms including TEDx, Bowery Poetry Club and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Co-founder of el-Yafta (band of poets and literary circle). I host poetry shows and direct writers’ workshops since 2011. My first collection of Lebanese colloquial poems was published in 2013 (الشوارع). (details and more on my Portfolio page!) Been stranded between Beirut and Brooklyn for some time now.

I am not a revolutionary, but never miss a good chance for some rubble rousing.

For my Arabic blog click here! العربي من هتا

Contact: elwalad@gmail.com | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud